Contract Processing Guidelines

Office of Procurement and Contracts has the legal authority to negotiate all purchase, lease or service contracts between Mississippi State University and vendors. If one of these contracts is received by your department, please reference the following Contract Processing Steps.

  1. Forward the contract to Procurement and Contracts, and include the following information:
    • Departmental contact name and number
    • Requisition or purchase order number, if applicable
  2. Procurement will review the contract for legal sufficieny (consulting with General Counsel if necessary) and make any required changes.
  3. Once the contract has been deemed legally sufficient, the contract will either be signed by the Director of Procurement and Contracts, or forwarded to the appropriate official for signature.
  4. When the contract has been signed it will be sent to the vendor, unless we are notified otherwise.
  5. If the vendor rejects any or all of the modifications, Procurement and Contracts and General Counsel will handle any negotiations.

Standard Contracts and Forms

In an effort to reduce the amount of time required to execute contracts at Mississippi State University, we have developed a variety of standard contract templates. These templates have been approved by the Office of General Counsel and Procurement and Contracts. If a standard contract template is available for a specific type of good or service, it must be used. Otherwise, MSU will not proceed with the contracting process. We are currently developing new templates and will publish them on this web site as they become available.

Consultants and Independent Contractors

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